Much Needed Personality to Your Pot Plants

Houseplants can change the feel of an entire room. Not only do they create a natural focal point, but they also help improve the air quality and bring a little bit of nature into your home. 
Plus, a variety of plants are available — some that are low maintenance and others that require more experience — but all of which are beneficial and nourishing presences for your apartment home. And, with the rise of Pinterest- and Instagram-ready setups, many people use houseplants and pots to express themselves and add an extra element to the aesthetic of a room. 
Containers, pots, and vessels for plants have been around for thousands of years. They have become a well-loved art form and many times they are the focal point in garden rooms, patios, and windowsills. Adding a plant to your home is the easiest way to surround yourself with a little bit of Mother Nature, but as much as your plants need tender loving care, so do your containers! The good news is we have some amazing DIY information to help you create planters you’ll love and give you an outlet to create your own lovely plant containers for your apartment home.
Creative Terracotta Pots
Here is how you can add some personality and turn an ordinary terracotta pot into an amazing piece of art!  These links will take you to some amazing tutorials and provide some great inspiration as well.
Check out these cute little adorable gold sensations created by Delia Creates, she shows you how to transform your container into a pot of gold with a lovely green treasure inside while still being elegant, and lovely enough for year-round decor.
Are you are looking for a bit more color?
Take a look at what Design Sponge can do to achieve this wavy, ombre watercolor design. This tutorial is perfect for the resident looking to add modern and on-trend elements to their apartment home.
Say what you mean
Embrace glitter, white paint, your favorite quotes, and gold foil to bring your creation to life in your own apartment home. Nest of Posies shows you how to really express yourself and add some life to your terracotta pot.
Take it up a notch 
Want to add some dimension and height to transform your one-dimensional look.  Try stacked planters with a polka-dot design by Positively Splendid to show off to your neighbors and have them green with envy!
Whether it be making over a terracotta pot, embracing height through a hanging planter, getting in touch with your quirky side, plants by themselves add a lot of life to your home, but the pots can add a great aesthetic element to complete a room.
So, which fun project are you ready to begin? Tag us when you share your DIYs to make sure we see them!

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